Wall Wraps & Murals

Turn plain walls into a creative space that will boost your company’s image.

A wall wrap can be the full length or height of your wall space and can display digital images, collages of a variety of photos or talk about your businesses brand or history.

Wall murals can be used just about anywhere in your office space.

Here are some ideas where you may want to put a wall wrap or mural:

  • Waiting Areas – Medical, dental and executive offices all offer waiting areas. Why make patients or visitors sit in a boring room? A good vinyl package can make the wait much more pleasant.
  • Retail Spaces – In the retail setting, taking advantage of every available marketing opportunity is key. Wall graphics allow you to create bright, eye-catching scenes that can easily be changed as your plans do.
  • Community Rooms – Schools, libraries and hospitals are just a few of the community spaces that can benefit from wall graphics. Not only are these graphics appealing to visitors, they are low-maintenance, ideal in this environment.
  • Conference Rooms
  • Reception and Waiting Area

Turn your plain walls into a powerful message about your brand with wall graphics that will impress your clients. We can wrap any surface from walls, floors, table tops to elevator doors and more!
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