Cost Effective Ways to Attract Customers With a Vehicle Wrap

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Cost Effective Ways To Attract Customers With A Vehicle Wrap

Looking for a cost effective way to attract new customers? Why not consider a vehicle wrap.

There is great potential for lots of exposure when you have your vehicle wrapped. Here are some examples of how to maximize your exposure with your vehicle wrap investment.

1) PARK FOR SPARK, in high visible areas. Try not to park in the first available spot between other vehicles. Instead, choose an end spot , closest to the main entrance so your graphics are exposed for maximum visibility.

2) IN THE CENTER! Drive in the center lane when on the highway or interstate. This gives you maximum visibility from all sides of the vehicle.

3) BECOME A LANDMARK. When you park at your business, park as close to the street as possible and away from other vehicles and park in the same spot every day. People will see your vehicle when driving by and will remember you when they will need your services.

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4) FISH WHERE THE FISH ARE. Frequent and park in busy areas that your target customers may be, like a mall or restaurant.

5) EAT LUNCH IN YOUR VEHICLE. Take a day during the week and have lunch in your vehicle especially when the weather is nice. Leaving you car window rolled down will make you more approachable and make sure you have business cards handy.

6) DON’T AVOID RUSH HOUR. Take the busy or congested road home. This gives you more opportunity for getting those impressions. Remember in one of my last posts, your vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions on a daily basis. This also give the other drivers something to look at when stuck in traffic.

7) YOU CAN’T HAVE JUST ONE. If you have a fleet of vehicles, be sure to wrap more than just one. The more vehicles you have on the road, the more impressions you are generating. Don’t forget your delivery trucks too!

There are many ways to utilize your vehicle wrap to get the most out of it. Think outside the box. Just remember, you are driving a mobile billboard for your business so drive carefully and with courtesy. You don’t want to aggravate another driver that could be your next customer.

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