Vehicle Branding is an Effective Marketing Tool

Partial vehicle wrap
box truck wrap
Box Truck Wrap

Vehicle branding gives you an instant marketing campaign on wheels. A well designed vehicle wrap can help your business build a following among customers who view your branded fleet wraps on a regular basis.

A vehicle wrap also reinforces brand awareness and makes customers aware of your services. Vehicle branding can connect you with your target market and make them more likely to buy from you since they are aware of your business name and location. A vehicle wrap also creates a professional image for your business and builds a level of trust among customers. Branding a vehicle establishes your business and brand in the eyes of others. It shows that your company is professional and ready to address the needs of customers.

Vehicle Wraps Reach A Wider Audience

Studies show that vehicle wraps generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily. If you have one vehicle or several in your company fleet, you will reach a much larger audience while you drive from job to job.

Cost Effective Advertising & Branding

Unlike a radio ad or billboard that would require payments to main your advertising, vehicle branding with a vehicle wrap is a one time cost to design, print and install your vehicle wrap.

Strategic Advertising Plans

Vehicle wraps can be used for long-term advertising campaigns or to promote a specific event or sale.

Brand Consistency

When you advertise with a vehicle wrap you will want to incorporate the same elements from your social media marketing campaigns and also with your business branding campain.

Staying Local

An increasing number of consumers prefer using more personal and local companies for their services and products.

While there are still plenty of large companies that are doing well, people are switching more to local businesses when it is easier and the cost is comparable.

This is especially true with the service industries.

For local businesses, wrapped vehicles provide that personal touch, letting potential clients know that you are local.

You reach the largest possible audience by having a wrapped vehicle. It also leaves a more favorable impression because they will see that you are local and are more likely to contact you.

Advertising Without Effort

Even if you don’t drive your vehicle for a day, or it is parked at a customer’s facility or residence for hours, your company is still getting exposure.

It is potentially more effective while the car is in motion as well because people are more likely to see it when they can search more about your business.

If someone parks their vehicle near yours, sees your wrapped vehicle and needs the same product or service, they will be able to pull out their phone and do a little research while walking to their destination. They can even take a picture to remind themselves later to look into it.

A vehicle wrap is better than a billboard because your vehicles can drive all around town and get the attention of potential customers.

Unlimited Exposure

One of the reasons business owners decide to wrap their company vehicles is because every time one of the trucks is out on the road, their company is getting additional exposure. More exposure equals more potential business.

Anytime that a someone drives your company vehicle, other drivers on the road, in buildings, and on sidewalks could potentially notice.

This kind of exposure is becoming more important since it is difficult to get a company or product name out to the public through traditional means.

However, wrapped vehicles accomplish this in a very unobtrusive way.

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