Lobby Signs Speak To Your Clients

interior lobby signs

Lobby signs or also known as reception signage is the first thing your clients will see when visiting your business. One of the best ways to immediately establish your brand is by using reception signs to welcome visitors to your business.

Lobby Signs

Lobby signs or reception signs serve several purposes. They announce the name of your business. They may also mention the type of service you offer or let your customer know your mission statement. A lobby sign will give your reception area boost.  There are many options when it comes to a lobby sign. It can be installed directly on a wall in individual letters or one larger piece with a graphic. We can help design the right sign to fit not only your wall but your budget as well.

Keep in mind, regardless of size, style or color is that they must be easily seen by your visitors to the reception area. A sign that is blocked from visibility by desks, filing cabinets, computers, plants or shelves cannot announce your business, build your brand or welcome visitors. Keep your sign clean, clear of clutter and easily visible to all.

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