Increase Your Reach with Fleet Wraps

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Fleet Wraps Grab the Attention of Consumers

Fleet wraps! Every day, your company trucks and cars will drive past thousands of people who can be your best customers. By having your fleet wrapped, it is maximizing your the advertising potential for your business. One vehicle wrap will generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions on a daily basis. Think what having a fleet of vehicles could do for your business!

Whatever your company provides to consumers, each vehicle in your fleet is a rolling billboard for your business and can be ‘on the job’ for you 24/7. Whether it is a simple logo, lettering or a full vehicle wrap, you are getting exposure for your business with high-impact advertising.

Vehicle wrap advertising is targeted because you are advertising to your local market. The people who will see your vehicle wrap the most are the people in your area. Local marketing produces outstanding results because people like to deal with nearby businesses.

Pinnacle Signworks can help you design your vehicle wrap. We use only 3M materials and our installers are 3M certified. If you would like more information on how to get started with a vehicle wrap give us a call today at 407-322-7733 or click the Request Quote button below!

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