Etched Vinyl Privacy Film Adds Elegance to Your Office Space

frosted vinyl

Add privacy and elegance to your office space with etched vinyl privacy film.
Any business that has large glass panes can use etched vinyl. It will add a bit of privacy to any conference room, break room or office. Add a bit of elegance by using your company logo or design that would focus around your business.

Etched window vinyl is perfect for giving your office space a professional look and at a fraction of the cost of real etched glass. I can be removed without damaging the surface.

Etched vinyl will allow for light to pass through while still maintaining privacy in your office, storefront, or conference room. Apply them to outward facing windows so they can be seen by passers-by or use them on interior glass panels to divide space and decorate. They also look amazing on glass display cases, doors and mirrors.

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