Custom Office Lobby Signs, 3D Logos and Letters

Custom Office Lobby Signs

Custom office lobby signs are a vital part of any commercial interior design

A professional lobby sign is a vital part of any commercial interior design, whether the location is in a waiting room, lobby or even an elevator wall, your lobby sign is a reflection of your brand and identity.  Your sign should reinforce who you are and how you do business. Custom office lobby signs will enhance your business and its brand.

As you consider your options for interior business signs, first decide the purpose of your sign:

Your Company logo

Mission statement

Brand awareness

DirectionsOnce you decide on it’s purpose, we can help you decide what material will work best for your business and what kind of look you are going for. A high end law firm my choose to use brass or stainless steel lettering, while a veterinarian my opt for acrylic lettering. There are so many options to choose from and we can help you with that.

Here are five key elements for having an effective custom office lobby sign:

Color – The impact of color on our emotions and behavior has been debated for years! Effective use of color can convey confidence or trustworthiness; it can be an extension of your brand’s colors, too. Trendy colors may pop today, but they can become dated quickly.

Images – If you have too many images, your sign may be difficult to “see.”

Location – The distance at which you want your signs to be legible and the location of your business signs is critical. Where your sign is located will influence its size, shape, lighting, text, or even texture.

Shape – Interior business design shapes can be customized; but traditional shapes are used are used for standard signage. For example, informational signs are typically rectangles, instructions are most likely in circles, and warnings are usually triangles.

Words – Keep it simple! Just as you wouldn’t want a driver in rush-hour traffic squinting to read a directional sign, you don’t want your clients to stop in the middle of a busy lobby to decipher a wordy sign. You want your sign reader to be able to retain the information; fewer words are easier to remember.

Pinnacle SignWorks is your professional design company for custom office lobby signs. Let our experience take your brand to the next level! Contact us today at 407-322-7733!

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