4 Tips For An Effective Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Displays

 4 Tips For An Effective Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are continually going on around the country. What will set your company apart from the sea of displays? Here are some tips on how attract visitors to your trade show booth and having a successful show.

Focus On The Message  Think about what you want to communicate with your trade show display and focus on the main message and carry that message into everything you present at the show. That includes your booth, collateral material, merchandise, sales pitch and the clothing you and your staff will wear.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1  5 seconds or less is all the time you have to capture someone’s attention on the show floor. You’ll need to have a clear, concise and consistent statement that says what you do. Within seconds, they will decide if they want more information on your product or services.

No Blocking  If you must have a table, do not position your table across the entrance of your booth unless it is 20 foot wide. This could make people reluctant to come into your trade show booth. Instead, set it in the back and position YOURSELF in front. It’s best not to sit either unless you will have someone that will takeover your position.

What is that?!  Aisle after aisle, display after display can make an attendee rather tired & dazed. What is going to make an attendee stop at your booth after looking from side to side at every booth? Make your message clear and simple. Do not put all your information on your signage. That may keep them from stopping and asking more questions. Just a few bullet points is all that’s necessary to draw them in and start asking questions about your products and services.

Questions  An effective trade show display will pose a question. Your question should evoke an emotion to get the attendee thinking. It will provoke them to stop and chat or your staff may pick up on this and start the conversation.

Follow up  It’s that simple!

Need more information on designing a trade show booth of your own? Ask us. We are here to help.

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